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When will enough be Enough?

I truly want to know, When will enough be Enough?
When will the Republican Party step up and instead of offering prayers and sympathies make and pass effective common sense legislation on the ownership of guns? If people want so very much to own their guns then they need to OWN their guns. There needs to be mandatory licensing of all firearms in our country If you need to be licensed and insured to own and drive a car then you should have to take the same responsibility in owning a gun. I also support an all out ban, Yes I said BAN on all military style assault weapons and collection of and reimbursement for all existing assault weapons. I call them weapons because that is precisely what they are.
I served in the military and have carried both an M16 Riffle and an M60 Machine gun. There is no good reason for any private citizen to own or carry an assault weapon. These weapons were made for one reason and one reason alone, to Kill people. They are not useful in hunting as the ammunition used in them tears up whatever it hits making meat from an animal unusable. And if they tell you they need them in case the government comes for their guns they are delusional that they think they can stand up to a platoon of soldiers and make a stand like Rambo.
Guns give people a false sense of security, you are far more likely to be killed with your own weapon in a robbery. you are far more likely to have one of your kids shoot someone showing off to his friends the guns his parents own.
With so very many people being killed every day in our nation we need to step up and hole our legislators accountable. The only people they believe they are accountable to presently are the NRA and the Russian government apparently. And yes I believe that the NRA and the Russian government are linked and have deep ties and are using the politicians of our country to destroy our democratic republic. Why did I go there? Because its part of the problem, its why the republicans in congress won’t stand up and say, “Enough is Enough!”


Traffic like an evacuation

I was up on one of the leases that we haul oil from and had a view of Hwy 101. It was lit up like bumper to bumper traffic(but clearly moving fast). It reminded me of those movie shots where the people are trying to get out of town before the sexy alien vampires come and kidnap all the men to take them away to their home planet… Wait that wasn’t the right movie for an analogy. How about the Japanese monster films where the people of Tokyo are going about their everyday business walking downtown or riding the elevated train and they somehow can’t hear or feel the impact tremors Godzilla is making from 10 miles away and don’t react until he takes s big bite out of the train…. Uh, damn, another bad analogy.
Ok, let’s just say I hope everyone gets to where they are going for the holidays safely and that trey have a great time with family and friends.
Merry ChristmaHaunaKwanzSolstice..

The Newsroom Ep.3

Hi again, i just reviewed ep.2 last night and since I’m behind I’ll do ep.3 now.
Ok, this is a totally “What If” type of show so when you find yourself asking yourself,”Self, why is there no news like this?” just remember its the corporations that control the media in America.
Ep.3 deals with the lead up to and election night coverage for 2010. Remember all the news on the show is historic and the only thing thats different is that its being reported without bias in the show. Its frustrating for everyone on the show because the tea party lives in a perpetual state of denial and refuses to live in reality. Of course with the billions of dollars spent by the corporations the lies of the New Conservatives are heard louder than the truth can be shouted so it seams worthless to even try to fight it. Will( Jeff Daniels) is turning into the fighter that has lurked beneath his skin for far too long and the corporations are starting to put pressure on the president of the company who tells Will’s boss to reign him in or she’ll destroy him.
Meanwhile Will starts having his dates meet him in the office after the show so he can rub them under Mac’s nose, Mackenzie (Mac(Emily Mortimer)) was Will’s girlfriend 3 years previous until she cheated on him and realized that she really was in love with Will. Her big mistake? Telling him she cheated according to Will. He did not want or need to know and if she had just left him in the dark he would have been happy. Mac left to report the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and came back to produce his new show at the behest of Charlie(Sam Waterston) Will’s boss.
This one moved a little slower than the first two but it developed some of the characters and their relationships so that the supporting cast do not fall by the wayside as simple filler between shots.
Very well done. I’ve already watched Ep.4 but will review it separately in case you have not seen it yet.

Please give me some input friends, I’d like to know how I’m doing.

The Newsroom 2.0

Ok, Its been a couple of weeks since episode 2 aired but I drive an oil tank truck 12 hrs a night so what do you want from me, cheddar?
Sorry, not feeling appreciated for my blog or something I think one person looked at the last one and it might have been me just looking to see if it was there. but I’m doing it for me, right?

Here goes.
Ep2- News Night 2.0
The critics were way off base with their claim that the second episode flopped. I loved it. It showed the main character struggling against the changes being made to his show and him trying to backslide into his comfort zone as many of us might do under similar circumstances and failing to fit back into the same mold from which he had been pulled kicking and screaming(figuratively of course).
The story on the show was about Arizona’s Immigration Legislation and was very well done. They informed the public and the show worked for me.
Yes, they gave him some horribly awful people as guests on his show when the Arizona Governor backed out of the interview and he flipped out again. I would have done the same but probably would have self destructed on camera.
Incidentally, shouldn’t America be that shining City on the hill where everyone wants to live and work? Because it’s not any more. Illegal immigrants are now leaving America because all the great opportunities are now in India and China and other places around the globe and who knows when we’ll get them back. American companies ship iron ore to China where it is smelted and made into construction materials and then sold back and shipped to America. How is this helping our economy?
The story being worked on in the show is irrelevant even though its a true event. It could be any story but the thing to focus on is the evolution of a man and an idea. Its a good Idea and should be followed up on in the real world. News organizations and so-called news organizations need to stick to the facts and stop trying to lead the American People around by the nose.
When Our government gave the networks permission to use Our airways they gave one proviso with that permission. That “one thing” being that the networks set aside one hour every night for the news. Now we have channels that Sling news and pseudo news like hash in a cheap dinner interspersed with trying to sell us shoes, panty hose and the idea that a giant diesel powered conveyance is good for the environment. The problem being that informing the public has taken on a whole new meaning in this day and age. Informing the public should come with a proviso of its own, that the information being delivered to us be the Truth. Not a half truth cooked up to sell guns or swing votes or make us hate one another and certainly not the out and out lies that proliferate on some of these networks.(Sorry, I used a word with four syllables again, I do that from time to time.) If its not the truth then it should be illegal to report it. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to throw mud.
Until next time Love one another and be good.

HBO The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series pilot, “The Newsroom” was met with mixed reviews, but first the show. It’s about a television journalist who has earned the nickname “The Jay Leno of news” for his middle of the road approach and treatment of people he interviews. Never asking hardball questions and letting people off the hook on hard topics. Then, at a college town hall forum He (Jeff Daniels) sees a woman in the audience who hold up a sign trying to urge him to speak the truth about what he thinks. Ok, he blows up and goes on a rant talking about how there is no evidence to support the statement that,”We are the greatest country in the world”. America is ranked 7th in literacy, 27th in the world in Mathematics, 22nd in Science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in Infant mortality, 3rd in median household income, number 4 in labor force, and number 4 in exports. and he goes on and states that we lead the world in only 3 categories, the number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real and defense spending where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined. Then tells the student that asked him the question that she is a member of “The worst(Period) Generation(Period) Ever(Period) and when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, Yosemite? It sure used to be, we stood up for what was right, we fought for moral reasons…” I’m not going to write out his entire soliloquy, but it stirred the embers of my own pride and patriotism. I will no longer be silent, I will speak truth to Stupid.
Now with this all said it has set the tone for the rest of the show and my pulse actually quickened. There is another quote in the show that goes,”I’d too damned old to worry about speaking truth to stupid”. That’s what this show is about, not some attempt at comedic drama like some of the critics would lead you to believe. It’s about returning to the days of Winchel and Cronkite and integrity in the news and not playing to the lowest common denominator. Let me know if you get lost here and I’ll stop using words with more than four syllables. It’s about EDUCATING THE MASSES, NOT MISLEADING AND LYING TO THEM. Aaron Sorkin is one of the greatest screenwriters I have ever had the pleasure of watching one of his shows.
I say the critics are all stupid or in the pockets of the people who would give us “Bread and Circuses” to keep us in our places, in front of the TV watching unreality programs about people none of us have anything in common with. Ok, I do like ‘The Amazing Race’ but that’s a Bruckheimer production.
As far as this series goes I’m recording it so I can watch it when I get home and have the time because it “Speaks Truth To Stupid”!

Update on Eemi the Pug

Thank you everyone for reposting Eemi’s story and getting the word out to help with her Vet bills. Their are so many wonderful rescue organizations out there for all breeds and they are true heros for taking the time and making the effort to make this a better world.
How does rescuing a dog make this a better world? I’m so glad you asked.
Dogs have had a relationship with Man since our Cave Man Days(should be a song title). They are there for us to help make our lives better, helping us hunt for food, find lost people, aiding our peace officers and our military in their duties. It is a symbiosis once the bond is made.
No dogs do not need us, but they are willing to be there for us and take us into their lives and share their love with us.
Any time a dog like abused, like Eemi was when she was rescued, it is a black mark on Human kind’s permanent record. No animal should be abused for any reason.
Eemi is doing much better and because of our push to retweet her story she is getting healthier every day and her new Forever Mommy is set to fly all the way from New York to take her to her Forever Home where I am sure she will lead the most pampered of lives imaginable.
So you ask me,”Why Pugs, What’s so special about Pugs?”
We are owned by a practically perfect pair of Pugs, We waited two years before getting a dog and it was hard to decide which breed we wanted in our lives. Pugs are Love. Thats it, they are Love incarnate. It seams as though they live for no other reason than to give us hugs and kisses and make us laugh with their antics. Once they make you laugh they try to figure out what they did that brought that response so they can do it again and again just trying to make you happy.
When you are sad they are there as well, climbing up on your lap and chest to give hugs and kisses to make you feel better. Our two even sleep under the covers with us to keep our feet warm at night, ok they sleep with us to stay warm themselves but its only fair. They just want us to be happy, and it is only fair that this selfless love be rewarded in kind.
Eemi’s story has a happy ending but many other dogs are not as lucky as Eemi. Please, if you want to get a dog, think long and hard on it, it is a commitment to a living being that you will make. If you can not make the commitment to be there for your friend through thick and thin then best let someone else have him or her. If you do find yourself to be worthy of the love of a Forever Friend then please please please consider a rescue animal first. They usually don’t have AKC papers but do YOU really need that to have a best friend in your life?
Like I said there are rescues for just about every breed so just look on line to find the one closest to you. Here is the link for the one on the Pugs on the California Central Coast.
By the way, we are taking in a Foster Pug next week till they can find him his Forever home and family.
Thanks for reading and ask yourselves,”How can I help our furry friends?”


Hi every one, Ok, so I rented this movie last night and I must say that bringing steampunk-like themes to ┬áto the 14th century was a cool concept. Of course the fact that it would have taken a gas envelope around 10 times the size of the ones they were using for their airships, but […]